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Why medicinal Mushrooms? 

I love this question..

​The mystery behind what makes Alphay products so revolutionary begins at the molecular level. Numerous studies indicate that polysaccharides, triterpenes, amino acids, antioxidants and other molecular substances with “immuno-modulating” properties in mushrooms have a profoundly positive effect on the human body.

This is what places Lingzhi and other edible mushrooms in...

Exceptional Certifications
Alphay’s mission has always been to continually exceed the highest standards in all areas of development, cultivation, production and distribution of Alphay products. It is a mission equally shared by all of our partners. Satisfaction comes from knowing our Consumers trust the quality of Alphay products.


Hello Health & Wellness Professional,

By choosing this tab, you have taken the first step in joining forces with me, by integrating Alphay Lingzhi medicinal mushrooms and its long history of health benefits, into your practice. By adding Alphay Lingzhi medicinal mushrooms into your practice, you will enjoy both immediate and residual income and have a product that will provide noticeable health benefits to your clients.  

Be part of the growing population in our Health & Wellness Industry, that has integrated the Lingzhi mushroom in their practices. (remember when those amazing goji berries hit or maca?) This is the gamer changer of superfood you need to know about. 
The Alphay line of products offer a wide range of health benefits for you and your clients and a way for you to earn residual income. You, control how fast or slow you want to build your business and increase your lifestyle. 

This is income that doesn’t go away when your successful health & wellness sessions, with your client’s are finished. Get the coaching, collaboration, and masterminding that comes with team work, while still being a solo entrepreneur.
It’s a total game-changer! I will explain how to build your practice with simple easy steps and by adding residual income PLUS coaching fees, you will see your hard work finally pay off.

Let Alphay's INCOME support YOUR COACHING! I can help you understand how to support your coaching after coaching sessions are over...

Who I collaborate with:
A group of individuals committed to growing their health and wealth and that of others around them.
A group of people who believe that living life on their own terms is not only possible, but necessary. Same minded  people. We are collaborating-supporting-masterminding, team members.
I’m looking to collaborate with Health and Wellness Practitioners that are interested in introducing their clients to a revolutionary, but ancient form of healing based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the form of the world’s most potent medicinal mushrooms. Check this out, the Lingzhi mushroom has been around since 206BC.

Your Benefits & More:
Receive video training in the 5 Elements of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE.
Learn about the clinical research that backs up this remedy that’s been used for over 3000 years.
How to design this product around your signature health and wellness system.
Enhance client results and also build residual income so that when your clients/patients have completed working with you, you’ll still have income coming in.
Work with like-minded health professionals, supporting each other, sharing information and working towards a common goal of building residual income from your practice.

How to begin/how to check it out:
Contact me by phone, text, or email. 
(I love chatting by phone) 
I highly recommend that you use the product for a month yourself, and experience the health benefits. Your personal experiences will be a powerful tool in sharing with clients, potential clients, and all your contacts. You will be assigned a particular distributor ID, which will provide you credit for each person ordering from Alphay. You will be building your business and helping clients reach their goals.

Call me or fill out the form to contact me via email.

My turn around response time is less than 24 hours. Lets Do This!

Stop procrastinating, get on the ground floor of this health movement and get started with the next Mother of Mothers superfoods! Don't be left on the side line saying "I should have called Health Coach Marie.” 

Help my 2 Help You...

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